Prospective Students

What makes BMA Seminary a smart choice?

Personal Engagement

Do you want to be discipled? Not just lectured to, but engaged one-on-one with your professors in the study of God’s Word? This is where we excel. You won’t get lost in the crowd and you won’t be just another number. We will get to know you, will help you discern how to best meet your ministry and academic goals, and will help you achieve them.

Online Accessible

Online classes and degree programs make a seminary education available wherever you are. All done without losing the personal involvement critical to effective education.


Cost Effective

Tuition is $190 per credit hour. That is the lowest cost at any ATS accredited seminary. We strive to keep costs low so that anyone who desires to attend seminary can do so.

Biblically Conservative

We believe the Scriptures are infallible, inerrant, and sufficient to determine our faith and practice. We are evangelical, but even more important we are evangelistic. We are supported by the churches of the Baptist Missionary Association of America and are unwaveringly Baptist, but our students are from a variety of Christian faith traditions.

Excellent Faculty

We believe the best faculty is one that engages with students and helps them on their life journey. We have assembled those kind of individuals in our faculty. Men who balance Christian ministry with Christian scholarship and excel at guiding the education of those in Christian ministry.


We are accredited by both SACS and ATS. That verifies that the education earned here is sound and reputable. You can be confident that you will receive a quality education.


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