Master's Degrees in Texas

Seminary Education in the Heart of East Texas

Earn your degree from a seminary committed to your success, not just in school, but in ministry. Learn from a faculty that teaches by example, not just by telling. At BMA Seminary you’re not a face in a crowd, our faculty will invest in you through discipleship, mentorship, and personal relationships. We are here to help you prepare for ministry or strengthen your existing ministry. BMA Seminary is your partner for theological training and practical ministry tools.

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BMA Seminary offers four master’s degrees at the Texas campus:

Master of Divinity

The MDiv is the primary degree for those who expect to serve in pastoral ministry. The MDiv includes both a strong academic foundation and practical preparation for ministry. The MDiv prepares a student to do exegesis in the biblical languages of Greek and Hebrew, preach expository sermons from anywhere in God’s Word, formulate a systematic understanding of the doctrines of the Bible, and appreciate the richness of the Christian heritage. The MDiv also shows a student how to train disciples into disciple-makers, counsel church members throughout the vagaries of life, lead a church to effectively educate its members, and worship God according to the precepts of the Bible. The MDiv takes three years to complete and is a well-rounded foundation for a lifetime of ministry in local churches.

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Master of Arts in Church Ministries

The MACM is designed for individuals preparing to serve in a variety of ministries within the context of a local church. A two-year degree, it combines an academic foundation with extensive practical preparation for service in ministry. The MACM prepares a student to disciple church members to become disciple-makers, counsel others effectively, and lead the Christian education program of a church. This practical knowledge is undergirded by the study of the biblical text, systematic theology, and Christian history. The MACM is a strong foundation for ministry.

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Master of Arts (Pastoral Theology)

The MAPT is a two-year degree designed to explore the biblical text, understand theological ideas, and how to apply them in the life of the church. It is primarily focused on how pastors apply the classic theological disciplines in the life and work of local congregations. The MAPT is intended for those who want to serve the church in a variety of ways. It allows for the broad academic study of church ministry, rather than preparation for a specific type of ministry.

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Master of Arts (Religion)

The MAR is a two-year degree designed to explore and understand the biblical text, theological ideas, and the heritage of Christianity. Focused on the classical theological disciplines, the MAR combines a broad overview of those subjects with intense examination of specific texts, theological ideas, or historical movements. The MAR is focused on gaining general knowledge of the sources, truth-claims, and expressions of Christianity, rather than preparing for specific types of ministry.

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