DiscipleLink Tutorials

Learn to use DiscipleLink!

This page provides you with information to help you navigate and use the DiscipleLink Student Information System at BMA Seminary.

Info on Browsers

DiscipleLink is built to work best on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. It generally works on Safari, but may need additional plugins. Due to the nature of its architecture, Microsoft Internet Explorer is not recommended for accessing DiscipleLink.

Logging In

There is a login available at the bottom right on any page of bmats.edu

Your login is your student email address and the password that was given to you or that you established when you applied to the Seminary

Click the Post button to login

Click Continue to fully access the DiscipleLink System


Changing Your Password

Click on My Profile in the sidebar menu

Click on the Password tab in the top bar menu

Enter you new password twice in the designated boxes

You have the ability to update any of your contact information from the My Profile


Checking Your Grades

Click on My Courses in the sidebar menu

You can access the following reports:

Current Courses

Lets you see attendance information and the gradebook for courses in which you are currently enrolled

Once your professor gives you a grade, you can no longer access your courses this way

Enrollment History

Lets you see all the classes you have ever taken at the seminary and the grades you received in them

Courses with a grade of “na” have not yet been given a grade by the professor

Degree Audit

Lets you see all the classes required for your degree and how many of those requirements you have already fulfilled

This helps you know how close you are to graduating and is especially useful in planning which courses you want to take next semester

Activity Report

This enables you to see all your academic and financial records for each semester that you were enrolled

My GPA Report

This is your report card. It shows a semester-by-semester academic report on all your classes, including semester GPA and cumulative GPA

Pending Schedule

This shows you which courses you have started the registration process for, but you have not completed arrangements with the Business Office


Registering for Classes


Checking and Paying Your Bill

Click on My Finance in the sidebar menu

My History shows a record of all your invoices and payments at the Seminary since the DiscipleLink system was brought online

Click on the folder icon with a red dot to open detailed information on each invoice or payment

You can print a copy of each invoice by clicking on the blue and silver printer icon

You can close the detailed information by clicking on the folder with a red x

Make a Payment allows you to make a secure credit card payment towards your bill. You can choose the amount of payment you make.