Step 1: Application Instructions


Application to BMA Seminary is the responsibility of the applicant. You control the gathering and submission of all information necessary to complete your application. The online application consists of six sections that must be completed before the application is submitted. Your information in the application is saved when entered. If you are unable to complete a portion of the application, you can return later to finish the application. All the information previously entered will remain available for you to review and modify. You must completely fill out each section of the application before progressing to the next one. After completing the online application, please collect all required written documentation detailed in the Application Checklist and submit it to BMA Seminary in a single envelope along with a $35 application fee.

These instructions are designed to answer some of the questions commonly asked about applying for admission. If you have questions that are not answered by these instructions or the catalog, please call the Admissions Office at (903) 586-2501.

Before applying, you should first read the BMA Seminary catalog regarding the degree program in which you are interested and the Admission Requirements section. Applicants who are not U.S. residents should also read the English Proficiency section.

When to Apply

All application items must be received in the Admissions Office no later than the following dates:

  • Fall Semester (begins the first week of September; application deadline is July 31)
  • Winter Inter-Semester (Motion courses offered in January; application deadline is November 1)
  • Spring Semester (begins around the fourth week of January; application deadline is November 30)
  • Summer Semester (sessions begin June through August; application deadline is April 1)

We encourage you to apply at least four to eight months before your expected enrollment date. Applications may be submitted after the deadline but will only be considered and processed as time allows. The application and supporting materials should be submitted no earlier than 15 months before the date of anticipated enrollment.
If you are planning on applying for Financial Aid, your application must be approved by June 1 for the Fall semester and September 1 for the Spring semester. International students must have Financial Aid Applications approved by January 1 for the upcoming fall semester.

Details on Certain Application Questions

Doctrinal Statement Applicants are required to read the doctrinal statement in its entirety. It may be found in the seminary catalog or on the seminary website. If you have questions about these doctrines which are not clarified by our Doctrinal Statement, please contact the Admissions Office. While the BMA Seminary does not discriminate against qualified students with differing doctrinal views and also allows discussion of different doctrinal views, students are asked to agree not to promote doctrines contrary to the Doctrinal Statement of the BMA Seminary.

Citizenship Please specify your citizenship status. International students who plan to attend BMA Seminary on a student visa (F-1 or J-1) will be asked, after being provisionally accepted, to document their source(s) of financial support for their entire period of study.

English Proficiency The demonstration of English proficiency is required of all applicants for whom English is not the native or birth language, even applicants who are United States citizens, have attended American or English-speaking colleges and universities, and are long-time residents of English-speaking countries. Applicants whose native language is not English must demonstrate a minimum composite score of 80 (iBT) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). If you need to submit English proficiency scores and have not already made plans to take the required tests, you should make these plans before applying.

Academic Background Your application must include transcripts of your work at every college and university. This includes, but is not limited to, schools from which you transferred work to earn a degree at another school.
You should request that transcript(s) be sent to the Admissions Office. Most colleges and universities have directions for obtaining a transcript on their website, or you should contact them directly for information on obtaining your transcripts. We cannot request your transcripts for you. To protect your private information, most schools will require you to submit a signature or identifying information before they will release a transcript. Most also charge a small fee for transcripts.

Church Membership Preparation for Christian ministry is nurtured in the local church before seminary study. Although not all applicants are planning on vocational ministry, ministry involvement and potential for ministry in general are still criteria considered in admission evaluation. In the online application please provide the name and contact information for the church where you are a member or in current fellowship. You will also need to have your church submit a verification letter, see the Application Checklist for details.

References You must list three people who know you well and have agreed to serve as references for you. One of your references should be your pastor or a person in a position of spiritual oversight over you. If you are in school or have recently graduated, the second reference should be one of your professors. If you are out of school, the second reference should be your employer or a business associate. We ask that your references not be related to you, such as a parent or parent-in-law, brother-in-law, etc. In addition to listing your references, the application process requires that you distribute and collect reference forms. See the Application Checklist for more details.

Criminal Background Please specify if you are/have been under investigation or have been arrested for a crime or sexual offense. Also please specify if you have ever been convicted of a crime or sexual offense. If you answered yes to either question, please attach a signed statement discussing each occurrence. See Additional Application Information for details about this statement. The fact that you were ever under investigation, arrested, or convicted of a crime or sexual offense does not mean you will be denied admittance. However, the admissions committee must understand the situation(s) in order to evaluate your potential for success in seminary and in future ministry.

Incoming Student Information The information in the last section of the application will not be considered when the Admissions Committee evaluates your application. This information is used for statistical reporting purposes and to get to know you better and integrate you into the seminary family after acceptance.

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