About BMA Seminary

What Makes Us Who We Are?


That’s not just a tagline. That’s who we are. Our hermeneutics and our theology are Christocentric. Our teaching and our practice of ministry are centered on Christ.


God call us to disciple others. There is no way to do this other than dedicated personal relationships that teach and model the Christian life. Doing discipleship well is critical to the success of every church and every minister. Therefore we don’t just talk about it or study it. We do it. Our faculty personally disciples every student until they are ready to be a disciple-maker.


God ordained the foolishness of preaching as the power of God to bring the Gospel to men. We strive to train men to preach in a way that is true to the text, grounded in the fullness of God’s revelation, situated within a Christocentric theological framework, and applicable to the hearers.